The purge *** team death match *** headquarters *** capture the flag *** hostages *** infected *** domination *** riot shield re-gen

Purge Mission graphic for Conflict Paintball

Mission 1 The Purge

Fast paced and in your face. The purge offers a glimpse of tournament paintball whilst sticking to the familiar surroundings of the forest. Purge the opposition from existence.

Team Deathmatch graphic for Conflict Paintballl

Mission 2 Team Death Match

After years of gorilla warfare, you have been sent in with one objective, eliminate every member of the resistance. Avoid hostile fire, take your shots and get the win.

Headquarters Mission graphic for Conflict Paintball

Mission 3 Headquarters

Cut off from the main force, the enemy is sending wave after wave of troops up the hill to recapture the stronghold. You have the high ground, you have cover but do you have the nerve to hold out till support units arrive.

Image for Capture the Flag Conflict Paintball Mission

Mission 4 Capture The Flag

To crush the enemy's resolve you must break through their ranks, capture the flag and raise it above their base.

Hostage Mission graphic for Conflict Paintball

Mission 5 Hostages

You’ve captured the region commander, the enemy lays waiting to snatch him batch or kill him. They are dug in and armed to the teeth. Probe the lines, find the weak spots and push through. You’ll need to keep your hostage alive and get him back to base to win this conquest.

Zombie pic promoting Conflict Paintball

Mission 6 Infected

The infected are advancing toward your position, water on both sides and no time to retreat. Your only option is to fight your way out. Do you have what it takes to survive the rabid hordes.

Mission 7 Domination

In battle location is everything; your squad is pushed into the wastelands to take all the key positions. The longer you hold your ground the quicker you’ll choke the enemy. To dominate in the wastelands you need to rule with an iron fist.

Riot shield re-gen

Mission 8 Riot Shield re-gen

The Coup de grâce. All missions rolled into one in the final push for victory. Killer instincts, dead shot  aim, determination and multiple lives are what you'll need to win this skirmish. To help movable juggernaut riot shields are placed around the game field.